It’s Been a Minute

I had to put the blog on hold the last few months. The Lord unquestionably has been sanctifying me, stirring in my soul, and speaking to the depths of my heart. There are 3 things He has really pressed into me as I put this blog and social media on hold this past summer.

  1. FOMO is a lie. The enemy is so crafty is convincing us that we aren’t important, or that we don’t have an awesome life, and he uses social media to accomplish this. I’ve learned the real fear of missing out should be missing out on the opportunities the Lord continues to lay before us because we are so glued to our devices. (Ephesians 5:15-17) I seized more opportunities the past few months because I wasn’t caught up it creating moments for the ‘gram, but rather living moments.
  2. Distractions hinder our intimacy with the Lord. I don’t think social media in and of itself is wrong: See Here.  But I do think it easily distract us from the more important matters. Just try it for a 3 days. Stay off your social media and see what happens to your time with the Lord.
  3. Time is precious. I hate to admit the amount of time I wasted playing video games as a teen, and more recently the amount of time I’ve wasted scrolling through my phone. As I watch my sons grow up, quickly might I add, time has become more valuable to me then ever. James referred to it as a mist or a vapor. David calls it a fleeting shadow. I can’t imagine running into the presence of Jesus bragging about the amount of social media followers I had. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so I have become resolved to live today without FOMO, distracted, or wasting my time.
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