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Bucket List – 1 to 10

This week Steph and I went back to our favorite Sushi joint called MoMo. While we were there we played a game called 1 to 10. Basically the way this game works is you think of a consequence for the other person and then you count out loud ONE, TWO, and then both of you speak at the same time saying a number between 1 and 10. If you say the same number the person has to do the consequence. If you you say different numbers but they still add up to 10 the person who created the consequence has to do their own consequence. And that is exactly what happened to me on this date night. I created a consequence for Steph that if I won she would have to stick chopsticks up her nose and let me take a picture. It backfired and our numbers added up to 10. Hence the picture.

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