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The Monday Mindset

Though it cost all that you have get wisdom*. But where do we get this wisdom. Can we buy it in some book? Do we need to find some old sage to attain it? I have found that the only wisdom in this world worth having is wisdom found in His word and not the world. The word wisdom seems to be thrown around so loosely. But I’ve come to realize there are different types of wisdom. One may have worldly wisdom and perhaps even share wise words, i.e. Confucius. But does this type of wisdom surpass all understanding? I have had the opportunity to meet some extremely intelligent people, who were wise both in my eyes and their own. But when their advice to me isn’t spoken from Biblical wisdom, or even contradicts Biblical wisdom all the PH.D’s and other letters behind their name just don’t matter that much to me anymore. As long as I live no one will be wiser than God and His Word, so by God’s grace as long as I live I will never heed advice or wisdom from someone who contradicts the Bible’s wisdom, regardless of how intelligent or respected they may be. If we want wisdom that guides us well we must be willing to dive into the Word that holds it all.

-the Monday Mindset

*Proverbs 4:7

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