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Don’t Run This Year

People have been immigrating for thousands of years. Many doing so believing there is a country or place that will afford them the opportunity to be more prosperous and happy. You know, the whole concept that the grass in greener on the other side. But perhaps that is only because the people on the other side actually water it. My wife and I half jokingly said if our country were to ever get attacked and fall apart economically we would move to New Zealand. Our discussion from there went to when is it okay to run from bad situations and when do you need to stick them out? Here are 3 conclusions I came up with to support not running when things get difficult or hard:

1. Commitment. If you’ve made a commitment to where you’re at you should never run. God will never call you to abandon your commitments. Simply let your yes be yes and your no be no. The only time I could see abandoning a commitment to be okay is if the commitment contradicted God’s word to begin with. But if it didn’t we are to follow through with our commitments.

2. Comfort. Just because situations become uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s time to jump ship. Our comfort level should never dictate whether or not we leave or stay. Nowhere in Scripture is God concerned about our comfort level, but rather He is extremely concerned with our obedience. As a matter of fact He made it blatantly clear that discomfort was inevitable if we are to follow Him wholeheartedly. And gave us several stories in His word to reiterate these examples.

3. Confusion. If the direction your life is headed seems foggy or unclear, this doesn’t mean it times to move on and quit. It simply means it is time to keep pressing in to Him. To keep praying, to keep LISTENING, to keep reading the Scriptures. Often times we become confused with decisions in our life because our flesh contradicts what the Holy Spirt inside of us is telling us to do. Regardless of how confusing the situation you may currently be in may be, this isn’t a free pass to leave. What it means is we need to listen to the Word and not the world. God is not a God of confusion, His Word is extremely clear. We are the one’s that confuse everything and make the mess we later ask Him to clean up, which by His amazing grace He does.

So in conclusion, don’t run from your problems, they’ll follow you. Follow through on your commitments, reject comfort and seek radical faith in Christ, and in the midst of continually pressing into the Gospel I believe any confusion in your life will quickly fade away!

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