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Thoughts of an Argued Out Twenty Something

“I think there was a time where I probably would have felt very passionately about the Drinking issue one way or another (probably toward the abstinence theory) but as time goes on, I feel less and less compelled to spend time and energy arguing gray areas like this one. Maybe I’m becoming less argumentative, I don’t know. I really liked the statement about needing to speak loudly one way or another to compensate for your own fears and insecurities. I completely agree. I’ve always said you can’t create peace, that has to come from God, and the fact that I have peace about drinking says more to me than any interpretation of rules ever could and I honestly don’t feel the need to justify or explain myself to anyone. I also know that there are times when I don’t have peace, like after one too many margaritas and I truly don’t feel in control, and that feeling is enough to get me to stop in my tracks. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve had until its too late and I think how you react is what’s most important. Do you act on temptation or do you get your butt home in a cab? Are you tipsy because you set out for a wild night or were you just not paying attention to what you were consuming? Your intentions and reactions go hand in hand and if they aren’t pure, you can find yourself in deep water real quick. I’m in no way condoning drunkenness, however you reach that point (by accident or intention) it’s still wrong, but it’s how you react to your mistake that makes a big difference. Do you even notice that you’re in deep water? Do you proceed to do it again the next night? Do you understand why God wisely advises us to steer clear of being drunk? I think those are the questions I’ve learned to ask myself and answer when necessary. And for me, there is always a voice that’s either peacefully quiet or tapping on my shoulder. I think a lot of people have gotten pretty good at ignoring the voice when they don’t want to hear it, but for me, what could be better than guidance like that? It’s always for your benefit, God knows what will happen with either route you choose so why not make it easy on yourself and be responsible?”

Tired of Arguing, Female, 22
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  • Christin

    This girl is truly speaking her mind! It’s true, why argue something that will never come to peace without God? I agree that it’s totally about your intentions and your choices there after. If you’re free to make the choice to drink or not then you need to just listen to the spirit taping on your shoulder. God isn’t trying to punish you by saying no, He’s just showing you a more successful and happier way of living.

  • anonymous

    If the idea of making it easier on yourself is to be responsible, why not make it even easier on yourself and abstain?