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Christmas Eve

I can’t imagine what Mary was thinking on Christmas Eve. Contractions starting to pick up, no doctor in sight. Knowing all along that the Son of God is inside her stomach. Here is a woman who had never been sexually immoral in her life, yet she is about to give birth. I often wonder how anxious she was. She was going to be the Mother of Jesus, the Savior of the World, Humanity’s Redeemer. In a manger surrounded by animals, not your most sanitary environment to deliver a baby, and yet there she was about to deliver a baby that would deliver all of us from our wretched selves. She would deliver the greatest gift anyone could ever possibly receive. And let us not forget to mention the questions, doubts, and anxiety that must of filled Joseph’s heart. How am I fit to Father the Son of God? He’s Father is God? Those are some tough shoes to fill don’t you think? Yet together, both Mary and Joseph leaned in to God, they continually pressed in to the Father. Knowing that being parents to Jesus wasn’t about them and being able to boast about having the best child EVER! Which for once this boast from a parent’s lips would’ve actually been true. Yet they turned all the glory to God, knowing that Christmas was never about them, but rather about the birth of God’s Son, that God became man, so that we all might LIVE! What a gift. What a night it must of been.

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