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Thoughts of a Manipulated Teen

Why do I fall for guilt trips every time? My friends either guilt trip me or black mail into doing stuff I don’t want to do all the time. So many nights this summer I have gone home feeling like I’ve been manipulated. And too be honest, it doesn’t get much better with my boyfriend either. I end up doing things with him I wish I wouldn’t, and he knows exactly how to manipulate me to make it happen, he has no idea the tears I cry after he leaves my house. Oh how I wish I could tell you it stops with my friends and boyfriend, but throw in my divorced parents and I feel like I’m constantly being torn between the two, as well as manipulated. Why can’t I just tell people no and stand by that small two letter word that seems to carry no power in my life? When I say no, it just seems like they need to manipulate me more, put on bigger guilt trips, make me feel bad for saying no, and even threatening me in the process. I need freedom. Pray. I need strength. I’m tired of being manipulated!


Manipulated, Female-Age 17

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