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Thoughts of a Numb-Free Teen

“He attacks me in areas I forget are so vulnerable. His craftiness deceives me, and his masquerading pulls me in like crumb into a dirt devil. So often I feel like everything is fine, I convince myself of this atleast. What I am realizing is that when my relationship with the Lord becomes routine, my heart becomes dry, and my mind becomes dull. As David said in the Psalms, “My soul thirsts for Him like a parched land.” I’m parched, and my mind needs to be sharpened. I fail to apply myself academically and am continually wasting my time on video games and internet activities. What a fool I am!

My mindset today is everything but sharp. Romans 12:2 keeps piercing my soul like a skewer through a pineapple. I must renew my mind, and not just once, but continually. I often reflect how this happened. It was abrupt, rather it was a slow gradual numbing, like when you lay on your arm for too long, and before you know it your arm has no feeling. I need that feeling back, that feeling of being alive, of having purpose and functioning at full capacity. I hate the enemy, his numbinig effects, his crafty ways, and the victories he has gained in my life! This is me running from routin. May I only be satisfied at His well!”

No More Numbness, Male-Age 19

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