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Thoughts of a Good Enough Teen

“I continually find myself doing just enough to be good enough. Make sense? My life is lived by doing just enough to get by. Nothing significant or extraordinary, but just enough to appease my teachers and parents and nothing more. The problem with this is that the Lord has truly been convicting me lately that this type of lifestyle is not honoring to Him. I’m quickly realizing that what may be good enough in the worlds eyes is a poor use of my gifts and time in the Lords eyes. I’m tired of being good enough and doing just enough to get by, but it seems so easy when everyone else around me lives the exact same way. I actually have a friend at my school that always goes above and beyond with everything he does, and most of the other students always tell him He’s doing too much and that he needs to chill out, but to be honest, I’m envious of him. I wish I had that type of resolve, a deep conviction to give the Lord my best in every area of my life. In my academics, sports, relationships, time, and money. My heart is wicked and only wants to serve just enough, give just enough, and study just enough to get by. To feel good about myself, to feel secure enough in my relationship with God, and to get good enough grades to keep the ‘Rents off my back. But everything in me says this type of living is mediocrity, and I know that Jesus didn’t come to die so that I would live a mediocre life, yet I still do it! Ugh. Can anyway out there relate?”

Good Enough, Female-Age 17

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  • Gough

    In my society (Asia). NOTHING is ever good enough. We must be better than everyone else. I think what we had needed to find is not whether i’m good or that I’m bad. but that . – I am ME. and that no one can define who I am. I’ve always known who i am. but I was never confident in standing up for myself and respecting Me. 
    But i woke up when i was 21. And that has made the whole difference in my life. 

  • Benbeau25

    I can relate to this. I like what you said about how Jesus didnt come so that we would live a mediocre life. We were made to glorify God and I think we need to be reminded daily of the center of God’s glory, which is the cross. Its great that you are being convicted about this! Remember theres a huge difference from feeling convicted and feeling guilty.