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The Monday Mindset

Routine, monotony, and mediocre living are all things I despise, yet I still find myself being constantly pulled by them. Why do we constantly focus on the problem when God always sees the solution? The mistake I make in trying to control things that I have absolutely no right in trying to control. It is my lack of faith that creates this lack of trust. The foolish moments where I’ve viewed a glass as half empty when I follow a God who always sees it as half full. I pray that my mindset would be transformed, that my focal point would be on the things that God can do, rather than the things that I can’t do.
The stupidity I possess when I’m convinced I can achieve anything of eternal significance by my own efforts or attempts. This world continually persuades me to be visible, but I know there is so much more value in being invisible. When I’m not seen God is.
The materialism of this world disgusts me. I hate the affect that media and Hollywood has on my mindset. The sins I have committed in coveting what others have that I do not, i.e. (cars, iPhones, houses) rather than expressing gratitude for the blessings I do have that others do not, i.e. (food, clean water, education). May I stop comparing my life to the Jones’ and begin living a life that is focused heavenward. This life I live is not about me, may I live in a way that reflects such a statement.
The roadblocks in my life are not meant to discourage me, but rather encourage me with the realization that God is using these roadblocks to better define my character, strengthen my faith, and examine my heart. Without roadblocks, trials, and difficulties I might become foolish enough to think I can accomplish amazing feats by myself. To God be the Glory!
-the Monday Mindset.

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