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The Monday Mindset


“Lord I am completely aware that my life does not survive on food and water alone, but it exists because of Your Word and the breath of life You breathe into me. Father, it is You alone that gives me the ability to lead, lead my marriage, my team, my students, and my ministry. Why do I say “my”? It all Yours!. Nothing I do can produce wealth, success, or numbers if it is not You. My unrighteousness is only made righteous because of You. There is nothing on this earth I desire besides You. You are my source of Wisdom, my Foundation upon which I stand, anything else I would be foolish enough to stand on will eventually crumble beneath me. Father all that I have is from You, my gifts, my talents, my money, my wife, my house, my opportunities, and my health. I have accomplished nothing, it is You and You alone that has accomplished anything good in my life. I know that full well. You are a great and awesome God, the One I desire to please and live for. Oh how I long to advance Your kingdom, yet still recognizing You do not need me to advance Your kingdom, but how I pray You would use me for such a cause! You are what makes sense to me in a nonsensical world! Praise You both today and forever.

                                                    -The Monday Mindset

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