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The Monday Mindset

Lord, I come to you this morning with a heart overwhelmed with gratitude. There is nothing in my sinful nature that deserves the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my family. Guard me from pride Father, I can only pray that not a minute of my life goes by where I don’t acknowledge every good and perfect gift I have is from above. Keep me from mediocrity, nominal Christians are contagious, but in the same way so are those inflamed with passion. May you ignite my bones for Your Word and may my soul long for You in such a way that others might catch such a fervor. May I be transfixed as I set my eyes on You above. I’ve come to realize the safest place to set my gaze is heavenward, it is when my eyes are upward that they are less likely to look downward in judgement upon others.
Forgive me Lord of even my hidden faults as you lead me, guide me, direct me, all while giving me strength and courage so that I might take the road less traveled. Father, I ask for wisdom and discernment to make the right decision even when it’s hard. Give me a heart of boldness that will not be silent in the midst of my adversaries who thwart Your Name or Word. Use me up, empty me out, and exhaust my life for the Gospel. For the Gospel is truly the only investment in this broken economy that bears a return worth clinging to and hoping in. My life for Yours.

-The Monday Mindset

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