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Thoughts of a Feeling Teen

“Pain, something I cannot go through on my own. Suffering, overwhelming
sadness, the feeling of being so small and worthless you could just
disappear. Being heartbroken and lost without a way. I find myself going
through these feelings, wishing to call to the one and only amazing, so
perfectly Holy God my Father. The One who doesn’t put these feelings on
me but pulls me from the deep shadowy hole filled with these feelings,
the place I find myself falling into so often. He is the one who is
there in that place with you right there waiting for you to call to Him
and ask for release. Turning to the world as I so often do, looking for
worldly things to fill and cover those whole things that are only
digging down tearing through me, breaking me. Building a wall around me
what I think is temporary happiness, temporary love, joy, but that wall
soon breaks and I’m there, no excuse, no where to hide there looking at
the great creator of the universe, the almighty father Jesus Christ I
feel so broken what I think is to broken to for anyone to heal but he
looks and shows me the most wonderful smile full of compassion
overflowing love and he wraps his arms around me and for the first time
I feel truly loved the kind of love that could never run dry, the kind
that’s always there and always will be. The kind I know I want so badly
to be acquainted with. The love no one could ever imagine possibly
giving me. The kind of love that’s worth living for, proclaiming to all
the kind that now flows through me. I feel now as a light for him and
for his so amazingly unexplained love.” -Female, Age 16

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