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Thoughts of a Teenager in a Fight W/the ‘Rents

“WOW! I don’t even know how to say it. It’s like they drive me crazy on
purpose, do those little things that I just can’t stand. I try so hard
to get along with them, but they just make it SOO DIFFICULT. I try to
obey, do what they tell me, be a good christian, and obey my parents,
but sometimes its just so hard to obey someone you despise. When all
you want to do is rebel and scream out “I HATE YOU!” I make one little
mistake and they make it a huge deal. They make me feel like I’m the
stupidest person in the world. We argue and yell and just stop talking
all together, but then they next day they say they love me. “yeah
right”. How am I supposed to believe that when they make my life
miserable?! I have so much to tell them, but I cant cause I know they
will judge me and turn it all around on me. My worst fear is that that
we will never get along and we will always have a love-hate
relationship. I just wish we could get along because my heart breaks a
little more every time we fight.”
-Female, Age 16

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