The Monday Mindset

Why do I buy into the misconceptions of what this world presents to me daily? The misconceptions are just above the surface from the truth, but we let ourselves be deceived by those around us. We are weary of the “truth” that we see, hear or experience. We grow comfortable with whats on the surface and become too lazy to go a little deeper. The misconceptions have many faces: Power, Gender, Money, Race, Sexuality, Truth, Image, Marriage, Commitment, Love, Parents, Equality….the list is never ending. However, if we, if I, could bypass my selfish desires. Would I gain the clarity I need to see Truth? Would I be able to see the lies and deceit that cover these faces of misconception? As strange as it might sound, there is a way to see past these lies and misconceptions. The hardest part, most people have the opportunity to seek it, but don’t. I need to make the choice today. Will I listen to His Word or to This World?

– The Monday Mindset

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