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Thoughts of a Learning Teen

“I have learned many things this past semester.
I’ve learned that people are hurtful, and that a false accusation can go a very long way.
I’ve learned that friendships are precious. They create memories that
will last a lifetime…or as long as you can remember them as an old
senile person…
I’ve learned that unlimited texting is a must.
I’ve learned that being alone in your room when you are hurting is usually not the best thing.
I’ve learned that cafeteria food is, for the most part, is ok for your health.
I’ve learned that going to college is a privilege.
I’ve learned that building relationships is a very serious thing.
I’ve learned all I ever wanted to know about the four phrases in college composition.
I’ve learned that getting along with your teacher can go a long way.
I’ve learned how to avoid college stalkers…
I’ve learned that you are not going to be friends with everyone.
I’ve learned that people don’t always think I’m funny…(even though I’m hilarious…)
I’ve learned that if there’s ever a security guard to be friends with…it has to be Mark.
I’ve learned that I can’t go a day without Jesus.
I still have a lot to learn.”
Still Learning, Female Age 18

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