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Thoughts of 2 Different Teens


The thing that frustrates me most is when people pretend to be somebody their not. They act one way around you then they act like a completely different person around someone else. We care way too much about what people think of us. Some people only care about being popular. And they will do anything to be popular. They don’t care whose feelings get hurt. They dont care about the consequences. Alot of people are losing their faith in Christ because they are hanging with the wrong crowd. If you hang out with the wrong people, you wont change them, they will change you. We have to be careful who we choose to be our friends.

Stop Pretending,  male age 16

Why do I control so little of my own life? It seems like I avoid my family in order to keep from hurting them, and them hurting me. But I do it almost instinctively, rather than purposefully. I can’t figure out who I really am, I’ve lived as someone else too long. I forget who I am. How do I figure out who I am? How can people love things that should be hated, have they lost all sense of guilt? Why do I never think of my dad? Did I hate him? How does my heart not break the same way the rest of my family does? Am I so cold hearted that I’m numb to his death? Am I someone evil, waiting to be set free from inside me? I want to be passionately living or God but I don’t. Do i just want to be living for God to look good? Do i want to live for God only because I want to be saved from hell? I accpep Jesus as my Savior always, but not as my lord very often. Why do my feelings change often? Who made up irrational fear? Is it brain-washed into our heads? Is it instinct?

Needing Answers, male age 17

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