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#52in15 – Fore – 16/52

Back in January my wife finally got me to cave and we went on a Pedicure date. This was the first time I ever allowed my feet to be pampered, and possibly the last. The whole time my feet were being massaged I kept thinking how this date was setting me up for a date of my choosing in the future.

This week was exactly that date, hitting golf balls at Top of the Rock driving range followed by a dinner at one of their fine restaurants. This was the first time in our marriage we ever hit golf balls together, or should I say swung golf clubs together, hahaha.

My wife is such a good sport and I absolutely love doing life with her. While I wholeheartedly believe that marriage is sanctifying, I also believe it should be fun and enjoyed! Marriage takes effort, patience, love, and service. And in no way do I want any of you ever to believe my marriage is easy. It takes work, on both our parts. But I will tell you I love my wife and our marriage more today than the day I married her! And that is simply because her and I have both decided to make the effort to continually grow, love, serve, and give grace to one another.

My 2 formulas for a fun marriage are simply this:

(He > i < Steph).  Jesus is greater than I, therefore I will put him first in our marriage. Stephanie’s needs should be considered above my own so I will continually work on this.

(Effort + New = Energy) Making an effort plus being willing to try new things will breathe energy into our marriages.

A great example of this is #52in15. Stephanie and I consistently dated before this year, but not with this much intentionality, effort, and new ideas. It has been such a jolt of energy into our marriage in every area. Spiritual, emotional, and physical. I get it, sometimes we just don’t have enough energy to go out, I was there, but what I’ve discovered is that dating my wife and making the effort has actually brought me energy. I never intended for #52in15 to discourage anyone, nor did I ever want wives to use it to guilt trip their husbands, but rather I wanted it to encourage and spur marriages on to date and invest in each other. The reason I’m so passionate about this is because of the health I see it bringing to my own marriage.

I’m praying for your marriage. I’m praying for your intentionality. And most of all I’m praying for your intimacy with Christ, which I believe has a direct impact on our intimacy with our spouse!

#52in15. Next week is a dress up date! Can’t wait!

Almost forgot to mention Stephanie and I bumped into our friends from Dude Perfect on our last date. If you’ve never checked out their videos I strongly encourage you to do so!

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