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#52in15 – Dixie Stampede – 13/52

I’ve been beyond blessed and encouraged by the response #52in15 has created. Not just here in Branson, but literally all over the US. It’s amazing what will happen when we are willing to breathe life into our own marriages as well as others!

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This week a sweet member at Woodland Hills whom I’ve never met until this date e-mailed me and offered Stephanie and I a free date at Dixie Stampede. She works there so she was able to get us some comp passes. Now I’m usually not one for the Branson shows, I’ve lived here for 8 years and have been to less than 5 shows ever! But I am one for free dates! And to my surprise I actually loved the date, the food, and the show, even though we were apart of the south and lost. Not that I’m competitive or anything.

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But even beyond the date I couldn’t get over how sweet of a gesture this was. Our church this month has been hashtagging the phrase #BackgroundSinger. Encouraging those who may not be married or dating to breathe life into those who are. I.E. Babysit for free, give a marriage comp passes to Dixie Stampede, etc. It has been so neat to see the Body of Christ come together as I’ve seen photo after photo on Instagram of Background Singers serving marriages. Go ahead and go to Instagram and search the hashtag #BackgroundSinger(s).

I think the union of Marriage the way God designed it is under attack, it is so important that as followers of Christ we support one another in marriage, fight for our own marriages, and find joy in being background singers for other marriages. Here’s to breathing life into our own marriages as well as others!

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