Turn the Page: @AndyStanley ‘Visioneering’

9781590524565Why at times does it take us so long to catch a vision for what the Lord has for us. Perhaps it’s because we don’t take the time to sit back and hear what the Lord has planned. Andy Stanley brings a perspective into the life of Nehemiah than none before him, minus the Bible of course.
Nehemiah learned of the fall of his people and the mighty wall of Jerusalem. He was a cupbearer to a King and sought his permission to go and rebuild his city. He was granted that mission and he left with the resources of his King to give vision to the people of his kingdom.
Andy Stanley walks through Nehemiah’s story as he follows the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah finds a group of people struggling with no vision and gives them purpose and a vision. Nehemiah pushes the people past their fears and insecurities and redefines their purpose to work together. Stanley breaks down the steps of instilling vision and leading people through it. He not only gives personal experiences but walks through Nehemiah and ties it together to how we can use it in our personal lives.
If you are struggling with a plan for your life or for your ministry/career this book wil help you create the steps you will need to succeed. Preparing for your life and for your career is something that few people do. We all have the tendency to react to comes at us on a daily basis. If you have no vision to fall back upon, you will spend your days running around aimlessly as the people of Jerusalem did before Nehemiah arrived.

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