Turn the Page: @LouieGiglio ‘I Am Not But I Know I Am’


Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio, is a phenomenal communicator. For the past 10 years his platform has steadily grown and he has become a voice for college students across the country. His book ‘I am not but I know I am’ tell the incredible story of God and is a mixture of scripture and personal stories from his own story over the years. He captures your attention from the beginning as he tells the story of almost being arrested in New York as he was oblivious to the fact that he was running down a 6 lane highway. He likes this to how we get so caught up and busy in what we are doing and the path that we have chosen, that we are oblivious to not only what God is doing around us. But we are oblivious to the Story of God.

As he tells the story of God he intermixes stories of his own. Going from Manhattan to London to Mount Horeb to explaining the Cosmos to Nazareth to numerous other divine appointments and stories from across the globe. His stories end with the biggest story of them all, the Cross. Louie is such a great communicator and I enjoyed his example of how he truly clinged to the Lord as his own father clinged to life here on earth. ‘The Cross of Christ is the place where trust in God is born, lighting the way through the valley of the shadow of death. What looked like the worst day in history is now the source of our praise.’

When we focus on the Story of God, we begin to realize how short our lives really are. I believe that is what Louie’s vision for this book was. To serve as a reminder of the Big God that we serve in our small lives.

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