Father Hunger

Author Douglas Wilson does a superb job in illuminating the results of absent Father’s and the damaging affects it has not only on the individual, but also society as whole. I felt that Wilson did an excellent jobwith his research and articultaed/supported it very well in throughout this book. I would also like to add that there are young men and women all over the world that grow up with Fathers in their home, but still hunger for a Dad that is engaged. I think this book also does a phenomenal job at encouraging men to not only be in the home, but also to lead the home and be spiritually active in the lives of their children.

I was thoroughly pleased that Wilson made it evidently clear that even with a spiritually present Father in the home there is still only One Heavenly Father that can fill that God shaped hole in our hearts. Overall I believe this book serves as a great reminder of the importance of engaged fathers, and it also serves as a great encouragement for Fathers go be spiritual leaders.

I think everyone who has longed for a more spiritually intimate relationship with their own father should read this book. I think anyone who is looking for their father to fill a role he was never intended to fulfil should also read this book. Overall, well researched and written book. It is applicable because every one of us has a longing to loved by our Father. The wisdom is in looking for the right type of love from the appropriate Father.

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